Cooperative Marketing

This program is only available to those persons using MMI’s Management Program. It is designed to save owners money on the initial cost of finding a tenant. Our regular Full-Service Leasing Fee is One Month’s Rent. Under the Cooperative Marketing Program, you choose the fee:

If you handle all advertising and showing, MMI will screen the applicants and prepare leases. You pay only a $295.00 administrative fee.

You may, at any time, request that MMI begin marketing the property. If you subsequently find a tenant, we will screen the applicant and prepare the lease. Our fee will be 1/2 of one month’s rent.

If we find the tenant, after being given the go-ahead by you, our usual fee applies.

Here’s a comparison of the services included in each program:

Consultation Yes Yes Yes
MLS Listing Yes Optional Yes
Tenant Screening Yes Yes Yes
Lease Preparation Yes Yes Yes
Licensing Assistance Yes Yes No
Call Fielding & Showing Yes Optional Yes
Move-In Administration Yes Yes No

Essentially, the Cooperative Marketing Program is a compromise… you get some of the benefits of the MMI Full Service Leasing Program while reaping some of the cost savings of being a “For Rent by Owner”.

Of course, if you prefer to manage your property yourself, but just need assistance securing a tenant, we will provide our leasing service, Lease Only, for the same fee as a managed property – one month’s rent.