Administrative Paperwork

A few years ago, there was an application and a lease. Now, there’s a license application, a lead registration form, EPA compliance and the list goes on. Our clients can simply forward the mail to us and we’ll take care of it.

We’ll prepare all license applications and order any required lead testing. We handle all the notices, copying and compliance documentation. We interact with all the inspectors and we coordinate any corrective actions ordered.

If there is damage to your property that suggests an insurance claim may be necessary, we will consult you, but we will handle the claim filing, meeting the adjuster and coordinating repairs.

MMI is as paperless as the business allows. All important documents are stored electronically. This creates enhanced document safety, remote access and less administrative time spent shuffling papers. Scanned documents are recognized by the courts as being as valid as the originals with signatures.

If you are attempting to pay condominium or homeowner association assessments go to:

To deliver or mail a rent payment, use the address:

Majerle Management, Inc.
1375 Piccard Dr Ste 210
Rockville, MD 20850

To pay online via a one-time e-check or credit card, click on the online rent payment link: