Fee Schedule


One Month’s Rent – Payable Upon Move-in. Includes advertising. No Administrative Fees

Property Management

10% of Rents Collected (minimum fee: $79.95 per month on all vacant units to cover cost of continued accounting functions, utility management and more frequent inspections). Discounts for multiple units are available on a case-by-case basis and depend upon the number of units, proximity to our offices and condition of properties. Discounts are also available for higher priced rental properties. Note: If MMI manages your HOA or condominium association, our Rental Management fee is 8% of the rents collected regardless of the rental price.

Sales & Byer Broker Purchases

Sale of Your Property – 6% of Purchase Price\Buyer Broker Your Purchase – 3% of Purchase Price. MMI does not charge an administrative fee to buyers or sellers.

Lease/Purchase Program

We’ve entered into both a lease and a contract. So, we charge a Leasing Fee of One Month’s Rent at the onset. Then, if settlement occurs in less than a year, we prorate a refund of that Leasing Fee toward the Sales Brokerage Fee. During the lease-purchase period, we collect the rent and any additional deposits. The management fee is charged only on the portion applied to rent. If and when settlement takes place, our Sales Brokerage Fee of 6% of the sales price is charged.

Cooperative Marketing

We’ll give our full effort to finding you a tenant. But, just as we would share our fee with any broker who brought us a qualified applicant, we will share that fee with you. If you find the tenant–you showing the property and bring the application, MMI will screen the applicants and prepare leases. Applicants pay a $50 application fee; you pay half-price for leasing services. If you come to us with an applicant, (MMI makes no effort to find a tenant), we’ll process the application, prepare the lease and administer all the move-in procedures (licensing, lead paint testing & registration, lease signing and move-in) all for only $295.00. This service is available only with a one-year management agreement.