Covenants Enforcement

Are you looking to outsource Covenants Enforcement so that someone else can make the initial judgment call on whether a condition constitutes a violation? Would you prefer not to be the one standing in front of your neighbors’ homes taking pictures and issuing violation notice?

MMI has a highly effective Covenants Enforcement Program, previously available only to full-service MMI Client Associations. Now, we offer this program as a stand-alone package at a very affordable price.

With this program, we start with setup. What constitutes a covenant or rules violation at your community according to your governing documents? We evaluate this and provide you with a list of violations from which you may choose to ignore certain issues or you may opt to use the whole list. We, then, create the “violation” in our system along with the actual language from YOUR governing documents—document, section, and applicable text.

We have a whole series of notices, escalation notices, and hearing notices templated to import your customized language. These notices are court-tested and ready or can be customized to be more or less harsh, as you prefer.

Our inspectors, either seasoned managers or maintenance personnel, will use a well-known industry software app to conduct inspections where we will look for applicable violations, photograph those violations and issue a separate letter with a photo for each observed condition.

Our system will track when the violation is ready to be re-inspected, escalated and whether that kind of violation receives a second notice or goes straight to enforcement (also offering several options for escalation and enforcement).

We’ll work with you to build and customize your program before we inspect. We’ll produce the letters and send and we will make them available to homeowners on a portal for one year (longer if you renew). The board will have full access to review all homeowners’ letters and photos. We will conduct re-inspections and process escalations. We’ll set up hearings and, if you wish, will attend those hearings virtually.

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