Message From Our CEO, Chris Majerle, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, GRI

Whether you are considering renting from MMI, using MMI to rent and manage your property or using MMI to manage your community association, you can rest assured that the foundation of our business is ethical conduct. We practice it and we demand it of those with whom we do business. That applies to landlords, tenants, board members, community residents and vendors.

We’re all in this together. We literally have to live with each other, so we should always act in a manner that exemplifies our respect for the rights of the other. MMI will manage any property in any condition. We have only one requirement: the owner or board must be as committed as we are to improving the condition and must be able to fund the improvement. Then, we’ll help bring that property back. Tenants will gladly pay more, homeowners will pay higher assessments and buyers will pay a higher price for real estate that is properly maintained.

I don’t know whether we’re in a warm spell or whether the blizzards of 2010 were caused by global warming. I don’t know whether recycling saves the environment or requires more energy consumption to achieve than it saves. I do know that I like to breath clean air and drink & swim in clean water. I like to look at green grass, colorful trees and blue water. So, to the extent that MMI can make the planet cleaner without breaking the bank doing it, we want to help. We are nearly paperless, printing only what must be mailed in hard-copy. Paper causes pollution to produce and requires more office space, (heated and air conditioned), to store. At the same time, paper is subject to damage by fire or water whereas our electronically stored documents are backed-up daily to multiple locations. We recycle paper, bottles and other containers and we will not improperly dispose of the chemicals and building products we use. When landscaping, we will be sensitive to the environment and attempt to offer options for designs that require less mowing, less fertilization and less water. That’s what we’re going to do whether it helps lower the temperature of the planet or simply makes it a prettier place to live.

If you share our ethics, our sense of fairness and our desire to do as little damage to the environment as possible, we’d love to do business with you. Please take your time reviewing the content of the is website, then contact us for more information.

Thanks for considering MMI for your real estate needs.

Our Vision

MMI will be recognized as the most innovative, progressive, dedicated and ethical firms in the property management and community management fields; a company that serves its clients and peers by being a trusted source of guidance and leadership.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of housing in the areas we reach, to enhance the comfort and welfare of our residents, and maintain or raise property values for the clients we serve.

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