Is your community self-managed? Do you ever wish you could have the tools professional management offers without turning over all aspects of management to professionals?  Maybe your community is small or maybe you have a very involved board of directors. Maybe you have an on-site manager who handles the day-to-day operations just fine, but something is missing.

MMI’s U-Manage Program may be the answer. We provide you with top-notch accounting together with a robust online portal. You won’t have to pay full-service prices because we will not assign a manager or staff—you continue to manage, but you will have a support person to assist you with the use of the portal.

Your accounting will include:

  • Ability for Homeowners to pay online or through auto-debit
  • Online approval of Vendor Invoices by your Board
  • Monthly financial reports posted to the portal, restricted to board access
  • Support for audit and tax prep by your CPA

Optional collections management

  • Additional Portal Capabilities include:
  • Portal managed maintenance requests
  • Portal managed architectural change applications
  • Online meeting and event calendars with automated reminders
  • Documents management with a folder-based filing structure
  • Ability to communicate by broadcast email

Along with U-Manage, we are there for you in a pinch.  Maybe you need contractor recommendations or you’re having trouble with the budget. Or, you would prefer to have someone conduct inspections so you don’t have to issue violation notices to your neighbors. These are optional a-la-carte services you can supplement U-Manage with as the need arises.