Begin your Relationship With Your Property Manager

Why not start your relationship with your property manager right from the start… Purchase, renovate, lease and manage all with the same team.

Since MMI is a licensed brokerage specializing in Property Management, we affiliate agents who specialize or are trained in investor sales and purchases.

Why does it make sense to invest through MMI?

  • We understand you are not buying a home; you are buying a future income stream
  • We’ll analyze not only the appropriate purchase price, but forecast rental rates for accurate cash flow estimation
  • Our maintenance team at Market Ready can quote your repairs, renovations and upgrades before you commit
  • Your sales agent will also market the property for rent

Actually, selling investment real estate is nothing like selling owner-occupied real estate. If you’re looking for a new home for you and your family, that is not our forte’. But, if you want to buy or sell investment property, we’re your broker. We can help you identify purchase criteria, locate properties, help evaluate renovation costs, cash requirements, and returns, conduct the renovation, connect you with the appropriate lender, find a qualified tenant, provide a full range of management services and, when it’s time, offer it to one of our other investor clients or connect you with a 1031 intermediary to defer your tax liability through an exchange. Try asking your residential broker if they even understand this paragraph!