For Landlords/Owners

Have a Relationship with your Property Manager That is how MMI views our investors–we are in a relationship that will last for years and years. At MMI, our Real Estate Department is geared to serving the needs of small investors–those who own individual rental units, whether you own one house or condo or 20 properties. Since MMI is a licensed brokerage specializing in Property Management, we affiliate agents who specialize or are trained in investor sales and purchases. What is so special about selling to and for investors?

  • Tax treatment of sales proceeds / Conversion of personal residence
  • Return potential is more important than how pretty the property
  • Poor property condition may be desirable (for rehabbers)
  • Financing is not the same for all investors
  • Short sales are common and there is a process that must be understood

Actually, selling investment real estate is nothing like selling owner occupied real estate. If you’re looking for a new home for you and your family, that is not our forte”. But, if you want to buy or sell investment property, we’re your broker. We can help you identify purchase criteria, locate properties, help evaluate renovation costs, cash requirements and returns, conduct the renovation, connect you with the appropriate lender, find a qualified tenant, provide a full range of management services and, when it’s time, offer it to one of our other investor clients or connect you with a 1031 intermediary to defer your tax liability through an exchange. Try asking your residential broker if they even understand this paragraph!

As you review our programs, you will see that we offer a full-service program and a cooperative marketing program. Both are full service management, but the cooperative marketing program allows you, if you wish, to help save on the initial cost of finding a tenant.

Our lease-purchase program is designed to get a tenant who is seriously interested in purchasing a year or two or three years from now. That tenant will have the necessary credit and income to qualify, but is generally lacking cash. This program is a forced savings plan that puts this creditworthy tenant/buyer in a position to close at the end of the agreement term. It is not like so many other programs that seek merely to take deposit money from tenants who will never close.

If you are looking to expand or refine your real estate investment portfolio or are ready to get out of being a landlord, our licensed agents know the differences between working with homeowner buyers & seller versus investment property buyers and sellers.

You do what you do and leave the day-to-day operation of your rental property to us. We have all the tools; all the connections; all the expertise to make owning real estate less risky, more profitable and, above all, easier! Make money. Play hard. Retire. Vacation.