Real Estate Legislative Report

House Bills

HB172 – Home Act of 2017 (source of income)
Stating that the Act seeks to deconcentrate poverty by providing additional opportunities for tenants utilizing public subsidies to live in neighborhoods other than the neighborhoods in which those individuals are currently and disproportionately residing; expanding the housing policy of the State regarding the provision of fair housing to include providing for fair housing regardless of source of income; prohibiting specified discriminatory acts based on a person’s source of income; etc>

HB230 – Income Tax – Subtraction Modification-1st Time Buyer Sav Acct
Allowing a subtraction modification under the Maryland income tax for contributions to a specified first-time homebuyer savings account during a taxable year and specified earnings on the account; providing that an account holder may claim the subtraction modification under specified circumstances; providing that transfers of money to or from the account are subject to specified requirements and limitations; applying the Act to all taxable years beginning after December 31, 2016; etc.

HB261 – Termination Util Svc to Multifam Dwelling Unit – Notice to Ppty Owner/Manager
Requiring a public service company that is going to terminate electric or gas service to a customer who resides in a multifamily dwelling unit to notify the property owner or property manager of the multifamily dwelling unit before terminating service; requiring a public service company to provide the notice only to a property owner or property manager who enrolls in a specified service termination notification program; requiring the Public Service Commission to adopt specified regulations; etc

HB320 – Polybutylene Connection Pipe Replacement Loan Program
Requiring the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to establish a Polybutylene Connection Pipe Replacement Loan Program to provide loans to residential customers to finance the replacement of malfunctioning polybutylene pipes on customer property located in the Commission’s service territory that connect from service connections to customer residences; requiring the Program to provide for loan terms and conditions, including an interest rate that may not exceed the prime rate applicable on the day the loan is made; etc.

HB327 – Real Property – Residential Leases – Notice of Routine Maintenance
Requiring the landlord of any leased residential dwelling unit to conspicuously post notice about routine maintenance to the dwelling unit at least 24 hours in advance of the routine maintenance; requiring that the notice provide the anticipated date and time of the maintenance and a general description of the maintenance; and providing the Act does not apply to routine maintenance scheduled at the request of a tenant.

Senate Bills

SB49 – Landlord and Tenant – Military Personnel – Limitation on Liability for Rent
Altering the circumstances under which the liability of a person on active duty with the United States military, for rent under a lease, is limited; limiting the liability for rent of the spouse of a person on active duty with the United States military under specified circumstances; etc.