Military Appreciation

Please accept our gratitude for the service you have provided or are providing for our Country and for the personal sacrifice made by you and your family.

We know you live with the knowledge that you will be transferred from time-to-time. MMI would like to take some of the risk out of buying a home when you live in the DC area.

If you would entrust us with the care of your home, we will discount our management fees by 20% below the current management fee–that’s 8% versus our regular 10% rate, or for higher priced properties, 2% below our published base rate.

Once we have managed your property for one year or more, should you be deployed to a combat zone, we will waive 100% of our management fees for the duration of your deployment. We hope you’ll stay safe at home, but when you’re protecting us, we won’t charge to protect you.

This program has been expanded to include all veterans and retired military.

Oh, and we would like to thank our Property Managers for waiving their share of the fees so this program can be made possible.

Terms & Conditions

  • Annual proof of active duty status is required annually
  • Orders of deployment required for waiver–extensions must be documented
  • Proof of retirement or honorable discharge required
  • Applicable services: US Army, USAF, US Navy/Marines, USCG