Full-Service Community Association Management

Community association board service can seem like a full-time job. Even though your Condominium or HOA is likely currently managed by volunteers, there are so many tasks to complete that it can take up all of your free time. Don’t let running your community become overwhelming. At Majerle Management, Inc., we provide the best Condominium & HOA Management services in Maryland.

Majerle Management, Inc. (MMI) is a locally owned and operated full-service property management company. Since our founding in 1987, we have been providing high-quality property management services to central Maryland community associations. We are not a national conglomerate. That means you get highly personalized interactions and amazing customer service.

Many community association management companies get stuck in their ways. They may not adopt the newest technologies, or if they do, those technologies completely replace personal interactions. At MMI, we keep the best of both worlds. We are the first to adopt new technologies that will help you run your community. But, we never lose focus on the personal touch that makes our customer service the best.

We will not replace your board of directors. You will not have to worry about hiring MMI and having your importance on the board diminish. Instead, we will guide and assist your board of directors. You will be our partners, and as such, we will not hesitate to be honest about times when you are crossing the line or if there is a more efficient practice.

Community association management is all about communication. Communication with your tenants as well as communication with your community management company. At MMI, we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our customers. You can choose to email, call, or talk with our customer service professionals online. We guarantee that you will not leave MMI because of a lack of communication.

Another way that MMI’s community association management services stand above the competition is in our board member classes. We currently offer a curriculum that includes over ten classes, which equals more than twenty-five hours of lessons. This curriculum is always free to our customers. If you want to learn an hour to be a better member of your board of directors, then our curriculum is for you.

A big responsibility for community managers is property maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, many companies do not have experience in this area, and so hire it out to third parties. You will not experience this with MMI. We are an affiliate maintenance company, and we have over thirty years of experience in both property maintenance and repair. Our services are cost-effective and quick.

Finally, community management is aided by consistency. No company is more consistent than MMI. Many of our highly-trained managers have been with us for twenty years or more. We have a very low manager turnover. Thus, you will be able to forge a consistent relationship with your manager that will last for years.

Some of our Community Management Services

  • Extensive collection program
  • Multiple avenues of communication for owners and members
  • Balance budget
  • Enforce your bylaws and rules
  • Pay bills and manage to account
  • Maintain properties
  • Set up monthly/yearly meetings
  • Any other services as required and agreed upon by the Board of Directors.

The experts at Majerle Management, Inc. are experts at condominium and homeowners association management. But, we also offer a range of other management services. We have a long history of managing rental condos, as this industry has been a mainstay of our business since our opening in 1987.

For those condo owners overwhelmed by the many elements involved in running a condo, we recommend our full-service plan. Our Full-Service Management Program includes services such as vacancy marketing, tenant screening and lease-up, accounting, maintenance, property inspection, and administrative paperwork. All of the services mentioned here are described in detail on our website. We have designed this plan to provide the most comprehensive condo management in Maryland.

If the full-service plan is not for you, then you are welcome to pick and choose the services you want MMI to handle. Some other property management programs for condos include cooperative marketing, the lease purchase program, the military appreciation program, and fee schedule. These programs can be used in conjunction with the full-service plan or on their own.