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Owning a rental property comes with its own risks. But, when you use MMI, much of that risk is mitigated. We offer the best full-service property management in Prince George’s County, MD. From our 24/7 emergency response to our knowledge of housing codes, online maintenance management, support staff, and more, the experts at MMI can take care of all aspects of your rental property.

We even have contacts in trades such as plumbers, electricians, and roofers, as well as in professions like lawyers or engineers. No matter what service you need, our full-service property management plan has you covered.

Reducing risk is clearly a good thing. But, you may be wondering why you need MMI’s services specifically. As owners of a company that has been locally owned and operated for over thirty years, we take pride in our expert staff. Our highly-trained managers stay with MMI for years. This ensures that they stay up-to-date on industry changes and know our culture and values intimately.

Another advantage of full services property management at MMI is our communication ability. As a rental property owner, communication is the key to your business. You need a partner that respects and values communication just as much as you do. Our team will always work with you to develop the property management plan that works best. We will also inform you of the changes, challenges, and options. Plus, our amazing customer services team is always available to answer any question about our services, products, and more.

Interested in property management services from MMI? Here are just a few of the services we offer as part of our full-service plan. Contact us today to learn more about what MMI can do for you.

Vacancy Marketing: At MMI, we think a few hours of advance prep work increases the odds of getting a tenant quickly and efficiently. Our first step is researching the market value. Then we proceed from there.

Tenant Screening and Lease-Up:We help you determine your criteria for tenants and leasing agreements. This criterion assures you success in your search for the perfect tenant.

Accounting: Accurate and timely accounting is the foundation of a successful Property Management operation. We will help you determine simple accounting goals and then ensure that you meet them.

Maintenance: If there is one single area in which we are judged most critically, it’s maintenance. Our experience has taught us that owners want their properties maintained, but don’t want to pay for it! Naturally, cost vs. value is a balancing act, one we do spectacularly at MMI.

Property Inspection: Many local jurisdictions conduct inspections of rental units to identify housing code violations. We ensure that you do not fall victim to this practice. Our property inspections keep you up-to-date with all housing codes.

Administrative Paperwork: Owning a rental business is full of paperwork for licensing, lead paint, insurance claims, leases, letters, and more. Don’t let the administrative work overwhelm you. Instead, hire our experts to take care of it for you.

At MMI, we also offer the following Property Management Programs