Before you Strike that Match!

October. Crisp, cool nights are a prelude to cozy winter evenings by the fire. However, there is more to know than you might think about using a wood-burning fireplace. Put safety first!

Clean the gutters

Time to Clean your Gutters

Clogged gutters are a real danger to your property. Aside from the fact that they may cause a waterfall right over your front door, they prevent water from draining. The accumulated water freezes in winter and more water is added to the ice dam when the heat from your home melts the snow over your living space and the water re-freezes as it reaches the gutters. Eventually, the gutters can get so heavy that they simply fall off. Worse yet, they can block the flow of melted snow and cause it to back up under your shingles. As it freezes, frozen gutters can actually lift the shingles and allow more water and ice under the shingles. When this melts, it will find its way to your ceiling.


Why Hire a Community Manager

Management is a very different contract from all your other contracts because it is management to whom you turn when you need guidance or assistance ... management gets blamed for everything from rising assessments to the neighbor's dog pooping on the lawn.


All Delinquency Reports Are Not the Same

Delinquencies not only impact a community’s ability to meet operating expenses but also have a nearly direct effect on property values. Whether you have high delinquencies or low, you will be asked to report on them. Do you know how? Well, it depends on who is asking.